Lupus spots ….. & Stress = Flare

For the past few months I have had awful looking spots on my arms. They are like small blisters, that then weep and pop to which I then find myself scratching them. My arms are looking a real mess, I have scars plus new blisters everyday. From the results I have found online, I’m pretty sure it is related to one of my many meds. Plaquenil, this make me even more sensitive to the sun, which can result in blisters or a rash in areas that the sun hits the most. I feel like they are getting worse at the moment … maybe I need to cover myself completely …. hmm no thanks!

This is what they look like (not the best picture, was hard to get a good shot)


More and more I realise how stress is such a trigger for a flare up. Currently things have been a tad stressful at home after my husband is unable to work at the moment due to an accident chopping part of his finger off. So with dealing with all of that … I start to get joint pain, fatigue, really bad brain fog, sore mouth etc etc etc ………… nothing too bad that I can’t coupe with it, but its are warning sign for me. But hey life must go on right?!

I recently saw a post online from a fellow lupuie they had put their medication in a cute box .. and I thought why haven’t I done that rather than a horrible ratty zip lock bag that sits on the kitchen bench in the corner …. so I did!


Actually makes it easier to remember what pills I’m taking each day! Its the small things in life that make you smile 🙂


Just another lupie living with lupus


I’m back & feeling good!

Gosh it is has been 7mths since my last post ….. opps!

So my last post back in June was where I completely broke down & lost it! I managed to get an appointment with my rheumatologist within the next week. I told him what had been going on … and it was straight off the prednisone’s! (Nasty things! They work well, but do damage also!) So I began slowly coming off them.

Decision was made to re-add back in plaquenil back into my daily meds to work with the Azathioprine. Because of my bad lupus memory I can’t really recall a lot more that happened! But adding the plaquenil has helped me so much! WOW to fact where I had at least 3mths of feeling “normal” and healthy. I was managing to exercise daily, I didn’t need naps everyday and I wasn’t in any (ok maybe minor) pain. It felt like  I had my life back in my control! Even now things are good. I’m not saying I am 100% better, cause I do have  flare ups every now and then .. .but instead of them lasting a week or more, its only about 24hrs! I still need to remember that I can’t push myself and I need to listen my body ….. and if I over do it, I’ll know about it!

My regular blood work has been good except for the past few weeks where my blood got dangerously too thin. But that has come right now. Iron levels are still an issue … the range is meant to be between 20-100 … mine was at 9! Just a tad low lol! So another daily pill added to my handful! which is currently 11pills plus the odd painkiller through the day when needed too.

Lets hope 2015 keeps getting better. I am hoping to find work this year …. although I do have to find something to work around my illness and family life so I don’t over do it.

Wendy x